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UMBC’s Resident Student Association

RSARSA is a student-run, representative organization that advocates for the residential population by encouraging students to reach their full potential as scholars and leaders by establishing and maintaining a safe and supportive community. Our RSA works with many offices on campus including the student events board (seb), Student Government Association (SGA), Parking Services, Dining Services, and many others to give residential students a voice in their community and to create engaging programming. For over ten years UMBC’s RSA has brought together students from across the residential community. Currently, we are continuing this work by working with partners in Off-Campus Student Services to bridge the commuter-resident gap. As a leadership organization, RSA brings together students from all class standings and academic backgrounds, to create an inclusive learning environment. We open paths of communication from students to professional staff to empower students to be a part of creating their community. UMBC has been a good standing member of NACURH since 1989 and has had the privilege of hosting the CAACURH conference in 1996 and 2006. In 2016, two of our members serve on two different regional task forces and many of our general body are active regional members.