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UMBC Residential Life

ReslifeResidential Life at UMBC consists of seven Residence Halls and two apartment communities serving 4,000 residential students. The first residential hall was built in 1970 and shortly after in 1973 two more residential halls and a dining hall were built. Residential Life has always been an important experience at UMBC and one that we continue to value today. Most recently many of our residential halls and apartments went through major renovation to better serve our students. Resident Assistants, Desk Managers, Desk Staff and Maintenance Assistants work together with the help of professional staff to create a holistic live-in experience. Our RAs pride themselves on their interactive programming which is built upon curriculums tailored to each residence hall or apartment. Our programs, interactions, and philosophies are based off of our four Community Living Principles: engage in the UMBC experience, create a just and supportive community, seek to understand and honor others, foster a community of learning. These principles, created in collaboration with staff and students define what it means to be a part of the UMBC Residential Life community.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Residential Life Office is to provide facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students that live on campus. Residential Life staff foster the personal, social, academic, and leadership development of resident students and prepare them to be active and responsible citizens within the UMBC community and beyond.