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Please send all spirit items and questions to our Spirit Chair Katie Hardy at

Roll Call and Banners are due by October 27

Mission: Earn as many spirit points for your delegation as possible

Roll Call
Each delegation can prepare a roll call video, either filmed or to preformed in person at the conference, to earn spirit points. The goal of the Roll Call is to introduce all members of your delegation and the school you are representing. Videos should be no more than 90 seconds long, and include the conference theme, Mission Leadership. Submitting a roll call video will give your delegation one spirit point. The top three roll call videos will be rewarded more spirit points later in the conference. Due by October 27.

The top three Roll Call’s will be judged based on:
• Creativity/Originality -Use of signs, costumes, etc.
• Use of signs, costumes, etc.
• Aesthetics, Value/General Appearance
• Conference Theme

Another way to earn spirit points is by creating a banner. Each banner must follow the theme of Mission Leadership, as well as include images of all delegates. In line with our sustainability goals, please create electronic banners, rather than physical ones. Please submit in the form of a PDF document. Delegations will earn one spirit point for submitting a banner. The top three banners will be rewarded with more spirit points later in the conference. Due by October 27.

Submitting a display is another way to earn spirit points. Displays should be no larger than 3ftx3ftx3ft, and follow the theme of the conference, Mission Leadership. Displays should also incorporate the CAACURH organization. Displays will be turned in when checking in to the conference. Each delegation that submits a display will earn one spirit point. The top three displays will be rewarded with more spirit points later in the conference.

The top three Banners and Displays will be judged based on:
• 10%: Creativity and Originality
• 10%: Relation to theme
• 20%: Aesthetic Value/General Appearance
• 10%: Info about delegates
• 50%: Relevant information about the school

Spirit Points
Other than Roll Calls, Banners, and Displays, delegations can also earn spirit points by the following:

Spy Quest

Throughout the conference, delegations will have the opportunity to participate in a social media spy quest. Missions will be split into “Short Term Assignments” and “Long Term Assignments.” Teams will earn mission points for each spy quest they participate in, and the top five delegations that have the most spy quest points will earn spirit points. In order for delegations to earn the spy quest points, they must post a photo associated with the assignment on Instagram and Twitter, with the hastags #CAACURH2017 #MissionLeadership #NameofMission

Hide and Seek Objects
During the conference, there will be “Missing Agents” around campus. Delegations can earn one spirit point for every “Missing Agent” they find and bring to the spirit chair.