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Hey CAACURH! Our goal is to provide the most sustainable conference experience for all of our conference guests and for the region. At UMBC, we are very environmentally conscious and work closely to minimize our global impact.

Here are our initiatives for the conference:

Low Waste:

    • Reusable utensils in the dining hall and banquet
    • Reusable Water Bottles will be provided to conference attendees
    • Reduced Paper Handouts, will be utilizing GuideBook
    • Composting all of our meals at the dining halls as well as at the hotel

Carbon Neutral:

We are so excited to let you know that the 2017 CAACURH Regional Leadership Conference will be CARBON NEUTRAL!! We are so excited to have this be a part of the UMBC experience as many regional conferences are not carbon neutral. We will be working with the organization from – a website that focuses on reducing carbon dioxide worldwide by allowing people to support projects that make the earth a greener place.

You can find more information about our sustainability at the conference here.

Questions? Email: