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The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has been renovated during the last couple of years to become one of the main institutions of technological advancements in the Baltimore area. The university has excellent facilities, suitable for an array of programs, that will enable us to have the best conference possible. All of our buildings are handicap accessible and come with audio/visual tools necessary for presentations.

The Commons is the center for student organizations and student life here at UMBC. It has been designed so that it is in the middle of the school connecting the academic and residential sections of campus. The Commons offer free high speed wireless Internet access, including eduroam. The building also has elevators and automatic doors that allow easy transportation and accessibility.

The Commons has different levels and three main floors. The first level has the majority of the dining facilities, along with the local bank and campus bookstore. On a sublevel, above the bookstore, is the information desk. Conference attendees will be able to access this desk for any information that they will need. The 2nd floor of the Commons is predominantly social and interactive environments. Also, on the 2nd floor of the Commons is the Student Organization Space, where the Student Government Association, Student Events Board, Student Involvement Center, and The Mosaic: Culture and Diversity Center reside. The Student Involvement Center and Mosaic are good locations for smaller, intimate discussions. The last thing on the 2nd floor of the Commons is the Game Room. This is where students can go to play pool, ping pong, and various other things. The 3rd floor of the Commons primarily has meeting rooms, and business areas. Because of the versatility the Commons facility offers to the CAACURH conference, many programs and meetings will be held here.

We will be utilizing some of the academic buildings such as Public Policy and the Information Technology building. These buildings provide lecture hall style seating as well as small classrooms. All rooms are equipped with audio/visual technology. We will be hosting programs and boardroom in these spaces.

Philanthropy and lunch will be held in Residential Life spaces. Lunch will be served in the Apartment Community Center and Philanthropy will be held in the Harbor Hall Multipurpose Room (MPR) which is where RSA holds their General Body Meetings.

Due to space constraints on campus the ballroom at the BWI Marriott will serve as the location for the Opening and Closing ceremonies. The ballroom will also host the entertainment on Saturday night.